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Digital ecosystems connecting buyers and sellers, optimized for streamlined transactions and growth.


Digital storefronts connecting businesses with customers worldwide, optimized for success.


Mobility and automotive projects: driving innovation with intuitive and reliable transportation solutions.


MarTech solutions: maximizing performance with powerful marketing, automation, CRM, and analytics tools.


Expert product management

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Discovering untapped opportunities and gaining critical insights through comprehensive market analysis, competitor research, and user feedback.

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Empowering your business through tailored advice and actionable guidance, from product ideation to launch and beyond.

Sebastian Mörs
Chief Product Officer at Entyre GmbH

I worked with Rui as a freelancer on a app to help people adopt a more sustainable lifestyle at home.

While this was a project with the typical challenges (unclear scope, very limited time, suboptimal ressources), Rui was investing a lot to make the project a success and he even went beyond what was to be expected from his contract.

He also had the good attitude for an PM to always check what was currently missing the most to make the product a success. If needed, he than filled the gap, indepently if it was his core job or not.

On the other side I got to know Rui as an interested person that is eager to learn.

Fantastic companies I’ve worked with

OLX Group


A leading online marketplace for buying and selling goods and services, with a strong presence in emerging markets and over 330 million monthly active users. With a user-friendly platform, convenient search tools, and extensive product categories.



A leading European performance marketing company, providing effective solutions for advertisers, publishers, and agencies. With a wide range of digital channels, such as affiliate marketing, display advertising, and influencer marketing.



A popular German dating app with over 70 million registered users worldwide, offering a fun and engaging way to discover new people and form meaningful connections..



An online luxury fashion retailer, offering a curated selection of high-end designer brands from around the world. With a unique business model that integrates physical boutiques and independent sellers,



A fast-growing iGaming lead generation company, providing top-quality services to online gaming affiliates in Europe and beyond. Blexr offers a wide range of verticals, including sports betting, casino, poker, and more, and helps affiliates maximize their revenue potential.

Henkel Group


A global leader in the consumer and industrial goods industry, with over 140 years of history and a portfolio of iconic brands such as Persil, and Loctite. With a strong focus on sustainability, innovation, and digitalization, Henkel develops and markets innovative solutions serving customers in more than 120 countries.


A German online platform for buying and selling used cars, offering a reliable and transparent experience for both buyers and sellers. Heycar provides peace of mind and convenience to car shoppers, while also supporting dealerships and private sellers to reach a wider audience and boost their sales.

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